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Hey there, my name is Courtney Cox (CC)!


I'm from the cornfield country of St. Charles, Illinois, and my journey began when I moved to St. Augustine, Florida, in 2016. It was there that I pursued my dreams of journalism and sailed my way through college (literally, I was a deckhand on a 76-foot schooner) and I discovered my passion for the world beneath the waves through scuba diving. I graduated from Flagler College in 2018 with my Bachelor's in Communications and a minor in Environmental Science.


Not long after graduation I was hired by National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions. From a journalistic standpoint, I had always dreamed of working for National Geographic, be it the magazine or one of their documentary production teams. The deckhand position I was hired for wasn't exactly my dream, but I saw it as an opportunity. By the end of it, I had documented bubble-net feeding humpback whales, salmon-hunting brown bears and an incredible display of the Northern Lights. And presently, I am working for the same expedition fleet, but with a new title as the Assistant Expedition Leader. 

Life has been full of beautiful surprises and various changes. Its certainly taught me a lot about myself and what I desire most in a career--to make a difference.

"Live for a cause, not for applause."

About Me

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