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"Dancers" of the night sky

Part of the #WorkWeLove contribution where staying connected through work experiences reminds us we are #AloneTogether and we will get back to the work we love sooner if we all stay home!

It was a very cool September Alaskan sky—a very cool one.

My eyes weren’t playing tricks on me; I wasn’t the only one seeing this; the darkness was being overpowered by brilliant waves of color. The greens, blues and reds at times, were dancing to the beat of the drum being played by a Tlingit Tribe woman. Her drumming had livened the “dancers” in the night sky. They twirled and glided across the mountainous horizon in sync with each other and the drum. “It’s real” was all I could hear the voice in my head say. I knew the Northern Lights existed of course, I just couldn’t believe I was really there, in that moment, that was real.

I never imagined ever coming close to witnessing the Aurora Borealis, and on such a powerful and spiritual level at that. 

My work isn’t really work to me, it is opportunities—opportunities that connect me to people, places and nature on a deeper level. These are the things that I care about and without these fully immersing opportunities lately, I find myself reading more on escapades I have yet to endure. But there comes a point in every learning process where experience in the field is critical.  Out there in nature, in the world, that is where blanket textbook statements find their true value.

I’m so ready to get back out there and continue exploring and growing doing the work I love, but I also know that right now it is our responsibility to stay home so that we can all get back to the work we love even sooner.

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